Sunday, April 12, 2009

new shoes!!!

i managed to wear my 5" cork wedges to the point they were falling apart so luckily i had managed to nab a couple more pair when they were on sale in the fall and have been wearing those since that fateful day i said goodbye to them.

my latest shoe find are these gorgeous patent t-bar wedges that fit perfectly right out of the box!!! i mean how rare is that?!? no breaking in so i can just wear them and they even fit well with my libidex latex tights. so they're now a major staple in my wardrobe. actually i was considering painting the cork glossy or matt black but i never got around too it. so these are perfect.

to be honest they aren't a true 5"s as they do have a bit of a rise at the front and the arch isn't as pronounced as the cork ones and then again finding true 5"s on a modest budget is hard. as i've commented before its either stripper styles cheap like Pleaser's brand or super expensive ones seen on celebrities.

i still would love a pair of wedge heels with a lucite heel so it looks like i am permanently on my toes like a mannequin. if anyone finds those online then do let me know.



Anonymous said...

Target has recently added some new shoes. If they aren't 5" then they are real close.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's worth a look:

Anonymous said...

Looking good!

Now how about some photos of your news shoes with your latex tights...?