Sunday, April 19, 2009

zentai fiction?

i have wondered this for a really long time. where is all or even any Zentai fetish fiction? is it me or does it simply not exist?

zentai suits are really the less expensive to latex and as such i do wonder that its sheer availability means people don't have to dream and write fiction about it. latex can be massively pricey and as such more remote. am i onto something here?

so if you can recommend any stashes of zentai fiction then do post in comments. ones with more of a fantasy element have more of resonance for me like being trapped forever and transformed into a doll in the suit ;-)



hanzoushinrei said...

The thought crosses my mind too. I am thinking of doing a story based on living zentai entrapment...

RubberMannequin said...

"sheer availability", haha! I get it!  ^_^

Anonymous said...

I have found zentai stories on that site.

Anonymous said... has a ton of stories, sorta surprised you've never mentioned em.

SanderO said...

Can you provide a link(s) to a few zentai stories?

JenniferCD said...

I also use a zentai catsuit for my doll transformations. I have different colors, but I like more is a strechlack red color.

Fwoggle said...

There's some stuff at
some things at and There's a few yahoo groups too, if you search for them.

pyewacket said...

anyone seen well textured zentai suits in second life???

WinterRose said...

I seem to remember stories by Acryl Man or Tim Keefe back in the day like Android Academy, The Pleasure Androids and Robot Slave that really had to do with Lycra type transformations in a big way. I don't have links, but now you have titles and author names to go by.

There's also a group over on Fetlife for this. But then, when isn't there a group on fetlife for a particular fetish?

Lycra, Spandex and or Zentais Wearers, addicts and afficionados

Salpecam said...

It appears to me that a reasonable quality lycra zentai suit would make the ideal starting point for a perfect-fit latex doll suit. Latex doll suits rarely seem to fit well (althougfh if this makes them uncomfortable, no doubt some occupants will find this is exactly what they want).

A Zentai lycra suit, however, will fit perfectly regardless of her dimensions. Therefore, with the aid of several layers of latex paint applied while she is inside, a similarly perfectly perfectly fitting latex suit may be made.

Now this is just an idea so far, but it might be the basis for a method for making a latex doll suit to fit any potential dolls who do not fit in a "typical" retail latex suit.

Sound like a decent idea or not? Feel free to email me

Sir Jaerls said...

In regards to SL, we do have a machine that will turn any av into a living doll until it is removed again.

Throughfare said...

Have a look here:

mccue_chris7 said...
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mccue_chris7 said...
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mccue_chris7 said...
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Anonymous said...

i wish i could be someones doll

Anonymous said...

is there anyway i can be someones doll?

Anonymous said...


The fit of a zentai suit is important, however much more forgiving. I have a number of suits from a Chinese manufacturer that I was fairly happy with until I got one from a US manufacturer, then suddenly realized why the price difference. The fit of the cheaper was was "erratic", with some fingers literally being 2" too long, and one suit I gave away because it was rather uncomfortable to wear. (I have around a dozen or so now)

That said, I have no problem with recommending a $30 suit to try out the experience before plunking down $100 on a good one. It's an experience that's not for everyone, but it is a great feeling.

Gromet said...

I welcome any Zentai stories that I can post to the site, please send them to me at

Spandex stories are here:

Anonymous said...

Here's a nice zentai love story

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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joyish said...

For me wearing a zentai suits sounds good but i don't like the thought of wearing it in public.

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