Wednesday, June 06, 2007

another photoshop competition

thanks to baubleheadz for this find at who do regular photoshop competitions. not a great selection of results so far. here's two of my favourites.

paris hilton seems to be an easy target for dollification - i wonder why....?

the full collection can be seen here.


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Anonymous said...

Heh. ^_^ I like the Amy Lee and *first* Bratz-dolled Christina Aguilera myself.

And the Scarlett Johanssen Barbie is just *unearthly* pretty. ^_^

Pity half of the entries are going to be canned for being "cliched" (mainly from being "too shiny", "too blurred" or a doll nude), but what can you do?

Still, this is cool stuff. ^_^

--Brad Poe