Tuesday, June 12, 2007

cross over to fashion bloggers

well i'm honoured!

i had a nice write up on f&art blog here by authoress Mahret after she checked out dollsrealm. the entry 'blog review: doll's realm' is also mirrored on the german blog she contributes to.

sadly, but as i predicted - her pair of molded leggings did fall appart as she relates in the entry "trust your local latex dealer..." she seems to like them alot so shopping for a new real pair sometime in the future and promises to post photo's. maybe she'll get them from Slinkyskin or YnotY whom i heard a rumour that blackice maybe doing a shoot for and it all goes to plan i'll end up with a pair of leggings from it...

she said in an email too me:

"And yes, I think, the latex legging thing will really come "to frution". Well probably not with real latex but in in form of shiny leggins like the ones from american apparel for example. Guess that most of the people still feel a bit alienated by their fetish appeal, but well that's exactly what I love about that "trend".

and promised to keep me posted on any doll-like fashions.


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SanderO said...

The Harrod's dress looks like vinyl and is quite attractive and probably more comfortable than latex and to the after person looks the same. You don't have to polish PVC or PU and it it is super glossy. I think it is preferable for many fashions to latex. It can be sewn and tailored and looks more like a traditional garment.. while latex has glued seams, and regardless of how neat they look, they don't look like a tailored garment... and this detracts from the look.

For the second skin look, the industrial seamless look that latex can achieve is the way to go. Not many people will be wearing skin suits as fashion... and the leggings are about the limit... as I see it.