Sunday, June 17, 2007

random photos and some random thoughts

first one was forwarded on from an ebay seller new listing. looks like a great way to package a doll.
this i found on a random fashion blog last week. the thing that hits me is the steel grey tights or leggings and the latex or pvc black long gloves. looks like the super gloss black is creeping up over the body.

which is sort of proved by the harrods advertisement from the UK. i know its not latex but it super shiny and slick and thats a hint of doll-ish fashions now isn't it? wonder how long before Harrods start selling latex in one form or another?

on the other end of the consumer fashion line is the more baby doll-ish look from Asda in the UK. so cheap you could outfit an entire collection of dolls.

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