Wednesday, June 27, 2007

a very tight cage

the link to this site was sent into me and while the end result for me isn't in any way aesthetically pleasing, the idea of what could be done has some amazing possibilities. its sort of the framework for a living mannequin. obviously this ones made for a guy and in a fixed sitting position which can also be suspended.

imagine for a moment something similiar and with less metal strips - i doubt that many are needed really to hold someone in place - and have it shaped over a woman's body to her in place in an beautiful mannequin like pose. if all the metal was chrome against a full catsuit it would be lovely.

or maybe its just a framework and what needs to be done is layers of plaster applied so she becomes a mannequin.

it also sort of reminds me of the vintage dress form. i remember seeing one of those when i much younger at a flea market and at the time wish i could buy it and put it on....

the full set of images at permanent bondage can be found here. do take a close look at them as it seems that shell not only fold open but also is closed through a power drill and bolts.

if i was presented with something like that i'd be in it in a shot. makes my eternity collar look really basic now doesn't it?


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