Saturday, June 30, 2007

student fashion with hints of fetish

i was doing a search for pvc/shiny/latex leggings again and while i didn't find what i was after - namely online shops that sell them online and ship to the US, i did stumble across the catwalk queen blog about this years graduate fashion students in the UK.

seems there's alot of silver leggings and pvc ones being used in the year end shows and the middle designer who used semi trans pink latex caught my eye. the full entry can be found here.

so if the students are still embracing it all, then its not going to be a one season flash in the pan and more will start appearing in more accessable places. another site which was tracking the fetish trends in UK fashion did suggest buying latex leggings from one sex shop styled site and pointed out to get alot of talc.



Dosman! said...

Am I the only doll and mannequin fan left who thinks that, in this day and age where it's become rare, that a woman wearing just the right shades of pantyhose and stockings looks completely fake?

Luiz said...

Sorry dosman, I dont understand your point.

Can explain better?

Anonymous said...

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