Monday, June 04, 2007

he ask me so nicely....

to make an entry about his selling his camera gear so that he can upgrade from his current digital SLR to a new one with twice the resolution which apparently is costing a fortune so he's unloading everything thats not nailed down.

the contributor in question is blackice and he shoots and writes for Skin Two. the camera's been to more fetish events than i've ever attended and the shots taken are to be seen in Skin Two, Marquis, A, Alternative London, TG's website and here on occasion when he spots an EGL or mannequin woman.

click here for all of his auction listings which do include his model clothes clear out - mainly fetishy trousers (he says he's keeping the really good stuff for shooting with) as well as some various molded latex items which apparently are all too large for me otherwise he'd post them over.

the camera is here and comes with memory cards, spare battery and CF card holder. two other lenses are sold seperately.

he said he's considering listing the doll suit he designed for a shoot which is now sold as a staple design from libidex, but wants to find it a good home where it will be used and cared for. sadly its not my size... so email him at if your a uk 8/10 with no breasts.

oh and if you want to look at more of his shots or his ongoing 3D project 'geometric primitive' (which i promised to plug one day and i didn't - me bad) then check these links out and geometric primitive



blackice said...

Thanks for getting that up Asudem!!!

Hope it helps sell it. Still waiting on the 5D to appear as it seems if canon has some ecommerce problems which means they can't process orders. Looking forward for it to finally get here.

If anyone wants more specific measurements for the doll suit then just email me. Nothing worse than a loose catsuit imho.

It comes with the mitts and the blank hood so completely enclosed in baby pink latex. I guess a latex designer can make some eyes and lips for it and glue it on if needed.



blackice said...

Camera and bits sold today. Tragically still short so I will need to get rid of the doll suit and also the Craig Morrison spikey sleeved Bomber jacket which is incredibly rare. Think they only made a few of them.

email me if interested.