Tuesday, June 05, 2007

tips for making a doll

i was inspired or led to have another go with henna. it worked alot better this time and even more so that after it all dried i repeated the process and redid the word.

its now a pretty dark brown. not as best application as possible, i guess i'd need someone else to do it properly with some refinement, or maybe a stencil.

still its there now and i think it will be months before it fades.

it really didn't hit me when i did it, though the entire chat sequence for doing it and the reasons for doing it were very ritualistic and almost hypnotic. carrying out the command was straight forward and didn't have any of the feelings i had when told that i had to do it.

it wasn't untill today while walking to the shops that it hit me what i'd done, what's there and the fact that its almost like a semi-permenant tattoo.

something burns inside me that before too long i'll be tempted to apply another layer of henna to the word, extending the time it will take fade to nothing.

i am so marked and like the baby pink tights i know its another big step to dollhood



Roen said...

I think you should just get it tattooed permanently. It's on the sole of your foot. No one would even know it was there except for you.

Anonymous said...

What are you writing on yourself in henna?