Thursday, June 28, 2007

the coming of the robo-woman

this scan sent in from blackice from 'metro' newspaper - a freebie distributed in major UK cities - which he picked up in Brighton. he also said on the reverse side there was a small article on plushies!

its a bit of a co-incidence or synchronicity as on tuesday i splurged on two european fashion magazine and one had a large b/w spread of robot woman which caught my eye. i'll do the scans and put them up over the next few days.

in the meantime if anyone finds any better images of Beyonce in this out or even a video of her performance can you please post in comments?


Rotwang said...

It's not a robot suit sadly, just an elaborate stage elevator

Number 8 said...

It looks like Beyonce was going more for the Maria robot look than something more modern, like say a Torchwood Cyberwoman. Which is, to say, a shame.

stevemnd said...

Well, the suit wasn't actually a suit, but just an elaborate immobile shell that opened up to allow her to come dancing and singing out when the song started, hence the rather bulky look to it.

That said, if you search YouTube for beyonce+bet for other clips, you'll see where apparently she did the skit as an homage to one of Kylie Minogue's earlier stage skits (of whom Beyonce is apparently a big fan).

If you find the Beyonce robot shell a bit too retro for you, try looking at the kylie one.

K-8 said...

Have you seen this entry yet? :-)

Asudem Latex said...

no, i hadn't visited CO's blog in awhile - thanks for that.

now i can skip putting any of those up myself.


K-8 said...

<-- is c_o.

But yes, you could look at it that way I suppose. ;-P