Monday, June 04, 2007

more on heel training

a special thanks to AP for finding all these amazing links and information for me.

the site is in german: but does have alot of the information available in english. start for an archive of an early internt heel expert Heike who now has her own page and pay site. the german site also has an excellent history of high heeled shoes here as well as plans and photo's on how to make a foot trainer for those of you (not me yet though) who are wanting to wear 6"s and above heels. the actual plans are in german word doc format, though there's enough info and visuals to understand what to do here.

exploring futher through the high heel fashion site i found a great collection of black and white vintage shoe photos starting here and continues for a further eight more pages. what i find so fascinating about these vintage images is that it takes kinky footwear back so far. like your mother had a pair and her mother and so on... wonder where they all went?

another site dug up litterly by the gracious AP was the archived version of here. while its a dead site preserved in digital heaven, the book the site creator wrote is still available on amazon both used and new.

leaping from these leads i found more resources for high heel wearing and training but i'll save those for another day when i'm further along myself.


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Anonymous said...

Heels are great. The higher the better. I hope you get to be in them all the time