Sunday, June 03, 2007

i so inspire people....

i've just been contacted and emailing back and forth with Steve and Caz of Slinkyskin about latex leggings. seems someone tipped him off;


A friend of mine recently pointed us to your excellent Blog. He pointed out your article on Leggins, I thought that you might be interested to know that we make latex leggins. I have attached a couple of images.

Sadly due to E-Bay rules ( where we sell most of our products) we have to shoot our clothing on a mannequin but they still look pretty cool.

The one in the photos are semi-trans grey with an open ended zip that goes from front to back and will literally split the Leggins into two parts if required. Our Ebay shop is called Ultimate slut we are developing a website for it.

We are better known as or where you will find lots of shoots of girls as rubberdolls :-))

best regards

Steve and Caz

he sent over some more photo's as they're now in white too....

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