Wednesday, June 06, 2007

mannequin make-overs...

no its not what you think or what i was thinking anyway.., they are mannequins to start off with and not people being turned into mannequins though if i was going to be turned into a mannequin i'd love to look like any of these plastic beauties.

mannequin make overs seems to have started accidently when the artist was paid to repair and make over over collectable dolls and realised the same process could be applied to mannequins. the results are one of a kind mannequins that look super lifelike and put Madamme Tussauds to shame. anymore realistic and people will expect them to move and charge a modelling fee.

for more custom mannequins try this french site here that has an interactive mannequin design. sadly it won't work on my mac with any of the browsers i've tried. if someone gets it too work can you email me a screen grab please?


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