Wednesday, June 27, 2007

skin and a new doll series

now i've seen these beforein various places and they were also used to advertise nip and tuck though i'd never seen the full collection which is convientantly allhere. they are not real suits, rather it's all photoshop work.

speaking of which, Aule spotted a peice on the free inflight easyjet magazine on this photographer who has done another amazingly well executed series converting people into dolls. the full collection is here.

i guess its all just in the atmosphere or something? and i do wonder when the public at large see these images, do some of them develop a new fetish?



Kori said...

How cool are those! I wish they did commission work....

PS- I love your blog!Your Everything I wish I had the confidence to become lol!

Asudem Latex said...

oh how so kori? i can't say i'm too far long myself but it has been several months now that i've been wearing my latex slacks at home exclusively.