Wednesday, June 06, 2007

does latex make opera sexy?

i think it's been used a few times in different operas. personally i can't stand opera but some of you may. it doesn't look like couture latex dress either - maybe even molded?


SanderO said...

I personally can't stand pop music and love opera and ballet. To have opinions about something like music or art you need to have some exposure to it and some study. Since it's impossible to avoid pop music it is easy to have a decent opinion of it... and 99% of it is rubbish. Opera on the other hand is real music which requires years of training... and some of it is very beautiful... but beauty doesn't usually play a part in pop music... does it?

Speaking of ballet... if you want to see females who can wear "ballet shoes" with no sweat... go to a ballet and you can see how well trained their legs/feet are. I suppose there are some kinky ballerinas too, who could prance around in tall heels without a wobble or a thought.

Any ballerina dolls out there? They are on stage at Lincoln Center.

TheThinMan said...

There is nothing that can make opera sexy. Consider the Fall of Lilith, which premiered in New York about 5 years ago. Spectacular opera which just happened to culminate with a massive on-stage orgy.

This sounds interesting until you consider the opera-going audience. I suspect that over 2/3rds the audience was well into their sixties, with the sort of values that cause them to go to an opera premiere on a Friday night.

Unless you happen to be turned on by awkward social situations, opera is simply not sexy.