Sunday, July 06, 2008

anyone in the UK seen these .....

very very odd living mannequin people? apparently they have been attending high profile public events in london.

the chinese news agency which is where i found the story wrote this:

Two mysterious faceless figures have been spotted in some of the UK's most high-profile events this summer, like Wimbledon, Henley Regatta, the Harrods sale and Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball.

continues here with a close up photo of how they can see and breath.

if you look closely on both the man and woman's jackets there's little logo's of some sort. maybe a performance art duo or some comment on surveillance society?



blackice said...

Seems to be a marketing stunt by a car company and not extra's from a Dr Who episode, even if its very similar to a few in the past.

A quick google revealed:

'Faceless people' revealed as marketing stunt for new Lotus Eagle


Anonymous said...

oh shame.. hoped it was inspired Zentai performance artists!

seems like the multi national companys can come up with performance art as there is money to burn.

Seems alot of Doll stuff, real life maniquins, fashion shoots, etc could never have been produced without the financial backing from some advertisement company.
Yet its the US , the voyeur who changes its context to suit our own twisted and fetishistic ideals!
kind of like fetishist culture Jammers?

-Pyewacket Kazyanenko

Anonymous said...

Simular thing, found this girl on youtube, really randomly, might even be the same person, but the mask is one from the CPR training doll :)

Leann xx

Anonymous said...

That's something else - a guy who does some interesting prosthetic makeups in his own home. Worth watching his others.

Elizabeth Rees