Friday, July 25, 2008

the boots were taller in the 60's

i recently found another yahoo group dedicated to rubber rain boots or wellies as they call them in the UK. its mainly made up of close up shots of boots in mud or women marching through muddy rain sodden farm fields. where do they get these fetish i wonder? (says the wanna be latex skinned woman)

the group had a new photo folder with collected acquo boot photo's. including the one too the left.

which of course is a chance to share it and also the clip i found from the original Avengers with Diana Rigg in a lovely sheet glossy black PVC rain outfit. i bet her fashionable wellies are thigh high too ;-)


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blackice said...


Still waiting for some definite proof but the guy I know who is mask making in Thailand has been sent loads of reference shots and is talking about making them.

He's also now experimenting with chlorinated latex for both the masks and his own latex designs which are still very much (from what I hear) in the development stage.