Sunday, July 06, 2008

buy and sell on live journal

i have been revisiting some bookmarks that i marked but never really done anything with. as its a quiet sunday morning, the bandwidth is really good for a change and i've recovered from two nights of free champagne and nibbles at a book launch and a two gallery openings at the end of last week; i figured i best catch up.

the social networking thing is spiraling out of control.

there was the time when yahoo was enough, it had groups, a basic profile and well free email which is why i used it in the first place. now there's tribe, myspace, facebook (or stalk-book as its known and curiously filled with my high school classmates i'd rather not meet ever again), second life, bebo, multiple 'work' related ones and would you believe that David Hasselhoff has has his own version of myspace now for just his fans here?

one of the older ones is Live Journal and while i never got into it, i have just remembered the link to the Live Journal Latex Lovers group. its just a series of messages with considerable amount of news and buying and selling of latex; both new and used. new designers starting off also pop up there pretty regularly too and that makes it an ideal place to test buy latex clothing as they won't have the same overhead the larger established stores do and likely to be much more stylish than the basic black catsuits.

good thing is you don't need to be a member of the Live Journal to read it, only to post. so head over bargin hunting and news.


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