Monday, July 14, 2008

a glimpse of fashions at Torture Garden

thanks to blackice for sending the link in of HW Designs fashion show at the Torture Garden Birthday Ball.

he apologized for the quality and says this is down to youtube recompressing the footage into its own unique format. he said he'll reload it all it he cracks their secrets.

apparently its part of the 3D filming he did this Spring at Torture Garden which also includes the Libidex show (which is also on youtube), various odd Easter related performances as well as the main TG show + Pretty Pervy all on an hrs DVD in 3D.

i don't have the special hardware that you need to see it in 3d but i did take him up on the offer of the free DVD!



Anonymous said...

Found this gallery of Human Barbie Dolls via HuffPo's BuzzFeed:

Check it out.


blackice said...


Looks like its confirmed that I'll be filming these guys local gig on monday in 3D video:

No noticable connection 'cept that you may like them.