Monday, July 14, 2008

its now july...

it crept up on me really. ...well i was sort of aware of it in mid june and had counted the months but then all of a sudden a rush or work and now its early july and i'm past the half way mark for 2008. its a bit of a milestone as when i made the new years resolution i didn't know if it was even possible to achieve.

how am i doing?

well its now six months and i am daily 1/2 latex all the time from morning till bedtime. mainly either the libidex tights, light pink leggings (which now with washing look exactly like Barbies rubber legs - i swear!) and skinny jeans. in fact the skinny jeans have seen so much day to day wear that a couple of seams started to come loose and a small hole on another appeared. both thankfully been repaired now.

that's the basics and its only been a few times when i broke from the promise to myself; the ritual of latex as it were. these - if your interested - was when it got amazingly hot a month or so ago and on couple of business trips where i was sharing a room.

the heel training continues and on the odd occasion i've worn sneaker for whatever reasons and also the time between getting out of bed and getting dressed for the day i'm in 5 inch heels at minimum. the cork wedges are finally broken in and are the staple these days. thankfully super high heels are now 'in' so i'm hoping for much more variety in the shops assuming that they truely meet my 5 inch minimum. my thoughts on heel training another time.

with the latex i'm exceeding my new years resolution with some ease now. for the last month or so after the heat wave i've been doing my best to be head to toe latex. well i mean bottom of some sort and also a top be it the pink blouse or the white body, etc etc. i wear this when temperature allows. i'm not obsessed to the point of endangering myself to heat stroke or anything like that.

and at the suggestion of rubber roo i purchased (on sale no less) from Westward Bound a mid thigh skaters skirt. very breezy but there's no chance of me wearing it like she does (*winks). well not yet anyway.

one thing i've been after for some time and i finally caved in when the counter reached a million hits is the ubiquitous HW Designs latex hood with heard shaped clear front panel. its worn in a considerable number of fetish videos and also by various latex high profile models. its even replicate in second life by a couple of vendors. its gorgeous and very weird at the same time.

its makes anyone who wears it like they're face is made of latex and have come from the same mold. as if all latex models who wear it look related... as when i do when i've worn it a few times. staring at myself in the mirror i only sort of recognise what i see, its as if i'm now part of latex cult. who knows maybe i am already....?



Anonymous said...

Well Asudem Dolly, you know how it is, what they say.... ^_^

Barbies *are* mass-produced dolls, after all, as are *many* more dolls than what are custom-crafted.

Still, it is possible, if not likely, that you just saw your real, future dolly face. ^_^ Go you! This is how you are supposed to be: sleek, shiny, somewhat anonymous yes, but always pretty, slick and charming nonetheless.

So here's something, a little meditation you can do, to get yourself used to this new face.

At your discretion, dress in as much tight/shiny latex as possible, and include the mask...

Sit in front of your mirror, as upright and primly as possible...focus your attention on how pretty and slick and shiny you are right now...

Then say to yourself, out loud, "Asudem is a good dolly." Substitute your given name when you feel like it...start in your natural voice and work up slowly to a cuter, higher pitch as the latex clings to your face, molds your lips, brushes your eyelashes.

Let your voice change as you realize in your mind's eye that your face has changed, that the slick, glossy shine has become you.

See what happens after you try that for half an hour, and in time, work up.

Hope this helps,

--Brad Poe

Fwoggle said...

Isn't that a picture of Rubberella from GwenMedia?