Sunday, July 06, 2008

wouldn't it be better in latex?

to illustrate how i find things, i first started too look for latex leggings on ebay in the uk as they're way more over there than on, then i expanded to shiny leggings and came across some variations from the large fashion chain Top Shop which several people were reselling as clear out stock. nothing in my size so i checked the stores home page.

with a bit of clicking around i found this jacket. now its really nice, pretty expensive and the pvc doesn't look very good, too rough and not really glossy like it could be. one reason for holding off on pvc is well it squeaks way more than latex (yes its true!!) and the type can vary considerably.

and you can never tell unless you can touch it, stroke it and stretch it. and latex in more forgiving shape wise while pvc doesn't always stretch and when it does, it doesn't necessarily stretch much or for a good fit. still if you want one then go here

a short jacket like this in latex has been on my wish list since last fall. so i think this fall its the time to get it made - of course in latex ;-)


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