Friday, July 25, 2008

used skin on ebay

when the Real Dolls first came out people were wondering if there was any way to actually wear them and to become the actual fuck doll. being made of a hard silicon with supporting skeleton there was no real way to do it, even if you were actually smaller than the dolls as you'd need to be to get into them.

in the last year or so FemSkin started making a wearable stretching silicon body, not complete coverage but torso and legs.

i've not heard any reports of what they're like as for me i'd rather just wear a latex catsuit as it really wouldn't be adding much.

if your balking at the price tag there was a used one on ebay here so you get an idea of how much they would be worth as a recycle....

i had actually started this entry when the auction was live but work got in the way (sorry).


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