Friday, July 11, 2008

something comes alive in the basement

thanks to Edward for the find. for me the attic holds more of a fascination as i've commented on in a earlier post as thats where boxes of old clothes are stored along with dress makers dummies and well who knows what else..

the same film maker has also done a 'R' rated film with i think the same ideas and zentai suit but as i'm not registered with youtube i've not been able to see it yet.



Dosman! said...

Love it!
Thank you for drawing attention to such a wonderful piece!

blackice said...


Since I upload youtube videos I have a full account and the second video is a similar zentai suit on three models - they all move around the hallway in a stop motion type of way.

Its almost a prelude to the footage I shot and uploaded :

Have a look and see if you agree.


pyewacket said...

oh ! love it! :D