Tuesday, July 08, 2008

well they weren't my size anyway...

so my hunt continues for a pair of something similar to or actual Acquo boots.

the ones i found on ebay germany here, ended yesterday for a staggering 434 euros!!! not bad for a boot that was last officially made in the 1970's.

so why the interest?

well they're all soft natural rubber. so not like standard hard rubber rain boots which are now also made from molded pvc of some sort. the shaft is much more like the stretch material boots which are generally made from a synthetic - but Acquo's are rubber backed by stretch cotton. they have a retro 60's go-go boot look going for them and lastly they're so damned long. easily up under a short skirt....

a bit of marketing analysis for any latex designers out there that are reading this (and i do know there's a few): the fetish boot and shoe market is flooded with cheap 'Pleaser' boots from China, these include ballet boots which are even making it into music videos - so the choices of something fetishy, rubber and unique is just no longer there. everything is looking the same and they fit badly.

the closest recent boots have gotten to these 60's throwbacks is the Sigerson Morrison Rain Or Shine which are now very sought after on iOffer etc. i have a pair and they are really great but the heels pretty low at one inch. i had to wear them recently when it was raining heavily and my arches were killing me by the end of the day. seems my 5 inch heel training is now firmly effecting my feet. still they glossy up really well with Armoural spray and the shaft litterly runs to your knee which is tops compared to most 'knee high' boots which simply aren't.

my hunt continues. maybe one day a shoe or boot designer will warm to the idea of remaking these lost boots and at a much more affordable price too.



i just happened upon this comparison shot of the knee high Sigerson and Morrison and original shorter Acquo boots bellow:

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