Monday, July 28, 2008

going to the ball?

its coming up fast and now has been moved from early october to early septmber. i've previously tried to get to the ball last year and to the torture garden birthday ball earlier this spring. both attempts were thwarted by work plans and large contracts which i couldn't get away from.

this year i'm planning to go. i really am. so far its all clear, no surprise needy clients on the horizon. i've been sort of promised a free pass too the entire weekend but thats still in the air. not checked on flights yet or other crucial things - i'll be doing that shortly.

have a look what's on. beats the local fetish events in NYC by a massive factor. all the info is the Rubber Ball



Anonymous said...

Planning on being in the UK long?

Asudem Latex said...

i think about a week or eight days. we'll see how the travel arrangements come out.

hotels are very expensive in the city


Mundis said...

Yes, they are very expensive in London (the City is a specific part of London confusingly enough!). However, if you head out a but the hotels are much cheaper and you can travel in on public transport. I'd recommend staying in London for the night of the ball only and then switch to somewhere like Bishops Stortford or Chelmsford. It will be much cheaper and you will be able to see the less urban parts of the country.

SanderO said...

I predict something comes up and you can't make it. Even the best made plans for dolls don't work out. Hope I'm wrong and look forward to your report from your first ever fetish event. Have you planned your wardrobe yet?

alphaxanon said...

Bed and Breakfasts are what you need! There are tons of them around London, and you can even get a private (if small) room. I stayed in one for 10 days on my last England trip in 2006 which was a hop, a skip and a jump from Kings Cross Station, and therefore the rest of London via the Tube and trains.