Friday, July 11, 2008

thrall sent me

a link to the photo and comments on model mayhem here and the interesting thing - besides its the rest of the series i've only seen one of so far is that its exclusively women commenting on how great these images are.

maybe there is interest in all this doll/mannequin stuff after all? who knew?

she does recommend ferreting around Model Mayhem for more kinky imagery. so feel free to take her lead and post the finds in the comments or email them direct to me for later entry.



Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm in a little bit of disbelief here...

--Yes, the pics are wondrous and *extremely well done*, no doubt. If I had a lady like the models in the pic I'd likely never get to leave the house. ^_^ But...

--The enthusiasm from the commentors has me baffled. I'm not sure whether the commentors at Model Mayhem are all women even...or whether folks are being sincere. Sorry. This just runs so contrary to my limited (admittedly) experience online it's not even funny.

When the dolling subject comes up with me and women I contact, anywhere from half to 3/4 of the time, the answer I get is either "No thanks" or "Say WHAT?? Do real people DO THIS??" Ok, so maybe I'm looking in the wrong places...but this just doesn't seem like a realistic sample of real women.

It leads me to think that these "ladies" might just be into photography and liking the pictures just on their technical merit, which admittedly is *Amazing*. I did only see maybe *four* commentors use the word "doll" in their comments, and only two of them mentioned having or being one. could just be the "Tyra Banks" factor. As in, model-types being more *in tune* with the notion of women as pretty objects than most real people.

I don't know. Part of me *so wants to* believe that every bit of this is true and real...but it runs so contrary to my experience online it's not even funny.

Just saying,

--Brad Poe

Wendiva said...

i personally love these shots, there's something oddly intriguing about it. very cool!

Anonymous said...
doll porn

Anonymous said...


I did pay your weblog a visit and was sincerely humbled. ^_^ It's good to know that compassion is making a comeback.

I'm posting my response here because I felt *really* out of sorts about doing it there at your blog. It just seems like anything I had to say on *this topic*, or the topic itself, would have been so *utterly* out of place there.

And I didn't spot any other contact info, so...

If you come across this weblog again, maybe you'll see this.

I just have one simple question to ask:

What was it you liked about the pics? What was engaging about them? Was it just a technical exploration of the photography and photomanipulation involved...or was there something more to it?

I know, I said just one and I *elaborated* a bit. I get a bit chatty that way sometimes, sorry. ^_^

I am just curious though...wondering what it is that makes the "model response" to doll imagery so different from the response of women in other careers.

Have a good one, wherever you are,

Bradley Poe (who feels odd being in his Yahoo! Answers mode *here* of all places)