Sunday, July 06, 2008

photo finds, a source and contacts

a couple of images kindly sent in by Bauble Headz:

and from Vox the first part of a series by a London photographer.

i think i've put some of these up somewhere previously - but now we know where they are all from and its ask art, showcasing the work of talented and kink Alex Sandwell Kliszynski.

so do send in any images, links, video clips or whatnot to me. i've may have posted them in the past but to have the actual source and much better resolution is always good.

there's several ways to contact me; my yahoo email address is my primary one, then there's the google one i was forced to take when google bought out blogger - now for live chat you can sometimes catch me on yahoo id asudemlatex, tho really thats just for close friends. easier to find me in second life asudem kasei.


update via email:

The first image is "Mosh". She does fetish and Cos play modeling and
has many "doll like" pictures floating around. He is a up and coming artist that does a lot
of artwork that often has doll look to them. Scan through his
Portfolio and you will find a puppet and patchwork scare crow girl
illustration that should float your boat. ;)
He is published and you will proably recognize some of his work when
you see it on his site.


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Roen said...

Loved the pictures by Kliszynski. I'll keep my eyes out for any new doll pictures for you