Friday, July 18, 2008

living statues at six flags

as snapped by roen on his cellphone.

he wrote:

They are at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. They put on a 5-10 minute show every hour. It was more or less a dance, but very fluid and controlled. During breaks in the music, they would totally freeze in place and when the music would start again they would act as if they were coming back to life. Not one of the major attractions, but worth checking out if you want to see something different while at the park than the usual Looney Tunes show.

i wonder how many people develop the seeds of asfr styled fetish when seeing living dolls, mannequins or even this pair?

he also sent in this lovely scan from the EGL Bible which is now published in English its so popular. available in bookstores or on amazon here.


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WendyB said...

Those are much more impressive than the Statues of Liberty people I see all over NYC.