Friday, July 11, 2008

market price is one way

to tell if somethings still fashionable and still sought after.

when the stores sell out and the item goes for more than they cost on ebay then there's definately still a demand as Xuxu discovered when tracking the K+T latex leggings on with the last sale going for $167.50!

there's another pair up here if you want them. or wouldn't it make more sense to get an actual pair of real latex leggings or tights? certainly it would be much cheaper even from Libidex which is where i got my last two pairs of tights.

there is also a deep scoop back leotard made from the same 'latex' material by K+T here if you want to complete the look. though then again why not go for the real thing? or is that all down to the latex designers (cue bitch mode) total inability to market into wider audiences?

meanwhile stylists asks the question latex leggings at any age here and personally i say sure! why not?

and in germany the fashionistas there are catching up to the trend with this clips on latex leggings (yes we all know they aren't really latex) which was filmed on rooftops in NYC. now this explains why no one sees them - they are all worn top of buildings!!!

Trend Latexleggings - MyVideo

the video bellow and the styles are all somewhat basic. not the mix and match base clothing element that makes anything worn with it just pop out. still they have to start somewhere.


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Ivan said...

I've been seeing more and more faux latex (fautex?) leggings on the streets of NYC, which, while I agree with you (why not wear the real deal?), I still think it's a good sign.
A couple of weeks ago, I saw a young woman crossing the streets wearing genuine latex pants. She was crossing in frony of FIT so I assume she's a fashionista of some sort. I think as fautex leggings storm the US, I think more discerning consumers will gravitate towards latex and rubber. It looks better, and won't have the "trashy" reputation fauxtex will be getting.