Friday, July 18, 2008

from i-D magazine circa 2000

found by one of my regular contributors and top fetish photographer - blackice - when he was asked to dig through his archived CDs of old photo's from the skin two ball for a magazine. no he didn't take the photo's.

they're from brit style magazine i-D and are digital snaps he says and not scans so the quality is someone rough.

wonder if he kept the originals somewhere.

click on them to see at full resolution.



Vidal Tripsa said...

Thanks Asudem, and Blackice of course! I'm going to give editing these a try. Can't promise anything good, but there are some brilliant snaps in this short collection, so I'll share what I can.

blackice said...


I just found them by accident. Didn't even remember shooting them but from the look of it they're ripped out and photographed like a copy shot with whatever digital camera I had at the time.

I have a very decent scanner now and can rescan them if I remember where they might be - wich at the moment I have no clue.


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