Sunday, October 12, 2008

882 and counting..

is the number of photo's of gorgeous shoes on Pop Gloss. the site is simply a collection of images and links to the original site they appear on. a handy way to kill some time but sadly not indexed as well it could be for a research tool.

i was surprised to see several of the ones i own myself, including the various pairs of Melissas and the more recent pigalle like red soled 5.5" high heels. guess i have taste. wendyB's bat wing shoes are also there.

do head over and have a look at both the shoes and boots category for weird and wonderful designs.

a different collection of fanciful shoes worn by models and celebs is here at the stylelist.

meanwhile one photographer in NYC has been stalking NY Fashion week afficionadoes to see if they stay in their towering and stylish heels here. and no they don't. he has the photo's to prove it.


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