Tuesday, October 07, 2008

what was once a girl

is now a mannequin thanks to body paint.


thanks for sending it in. sorry i've lost the email



Throughfare said...

I love the way she's used blue contacts to give herself lurid blue eyes just like so many dolls have!


jsan said...

there's a story too asudem

Tienne said...

Those aren't contacts, throughfare, it's all bodypaint, even on her eyelids. It's still a pretty awesome effect.

K-8 said...

You can also see a zoomed-out version of the image as well, at the blog entry I posted a few months back:


Anonymous said...

Heh. It is a bit of a pity she has to keep her eyes closed to maintain the effect....

But still, it's pretty spiffy. If she could move along the joint lines and talk without moving her lips much...heh. ^_^

It would quickly become one of *those* chats at my end as I just sort of forget that she's a real person and go all cute and googly-eyed on her. ^__^

Just saying,

--Bradley Poe