Sunday, October 12, 2008

spacey rain boots...

still no modern Acquo boots or any with high heels; but these caught my eye for their color and uniquenes.

the first is cyber meets country farm and was sent in by a reader saying them he purchased a pair for his wife and she loved them. they're Hunter Original and some are still available at 137$ in limited sizing.

the second had considerable sci-fi and ASFR possibilities and was found on Pop Gloss here.

sadly thats all the information there was on them. the link takes you to another site with the same information. a google turns up nothing.



Anonymous said...

I can't find the yellow rain boots I like them and If you could post the name or what ever info you found It would be greatly appreciated

Trav28 said...

Linds is still waiting for the right day to wear 'em...I'm wondering if it would be appropriate to do a photoshoot with her silver catsuit or would that be too "out there"?

Morticia Latex said...

Those are wild, I would love to know where to get my hands on a pair. Pity they don't have heels, tho. :)