Sunday, October 12, 2008

i was rejected

though not really a surprise. i was as much testing the waters and was curious how a more mainstream group of bloggers would take Dollsrealm.

here's the reply:

Hi Ausdem,

Thanks for getting in touch with IFB. After reviewing your blog, I see it's got a lot of great content... and I would love to add you, but I'm afraid it might open the gates to other adult sites, and I just don't know if that's where I want to take IFB.

I do hope you understand, and I just want to let you know that I sat with this for a few days, I really considered it, there is a lot of crossover, and these days fetishwear inspires mainstream fashion, I'm just not ready to have adult sites on IFB.

Apologies and kind regards,

J xxxxx

the funny thing is that mainstream fashion has been positively raiding the fetish closet for litterly decades now. Vivienne Westwood's first shop back in 1971 sold latex in the center of the fashionable part of London...



Kacie said...

We are an Adult site????????
I thought Adult sites had sex and all that other XXX stuff on it?
Well, it they do not want us then we do not want them.

fwoggle said...

Well.... Dollsrealm does have an 'adult content' warning clicker thing now, so I suppose.... Its tame compared to some places I've seen.

Love the content myself!

SanderO said...

Fetish and fetish inspired fashion are about two diffferent things. Fashion is ostensibly clothing for the purpose of style and utility. Fetish is about erotic thrills from wearing "things" or similar.

Of course fashion will borrow or steal from any source for a "look". When it become so unabashedly erotic, most designers simply won't go there. They have pushed heels as adding to the line of the leg. The fetish approach is more of an object of erotic desire..

And when fashion is directly stealing bondage looks etc they do without celebrating bondage. it's just a way to clothe a model.

Everyone knows about fetish and why fetishist are into leather, plastic and rubber - they get of on it.

The fetish house have attempted to make their second skin materials into fashion, mostly not aimed at the vanilla crowd, but as a way to get the pervs to weay thir fav material on Main Street without being called perv.

Do we want sex/fetish so open that nothing is private and personal?

Kramel65 said...

I have never thought of your blog as adult, but I can understand that if someone wanted to keep their groups free from adult material they might see this as a tad too erotic for their needs.

Shame though.

Anonymous said...

Saw you were looking for more dolol type fetish stories. Two authors who write modifications stories can be found in the BDSM Library.

Check out H. Dean's "Object of His Affection" for a start. It's the story of a woman being transformed, quite literally, into a living doll.

He has a few others along similar lines. Benfan has a story of modification that is not so much a doll story per se, but it has many aspects that should catch your fancy. So, check out "On the Table" by Benfan

WendyB said...

Jennine's a good gal. I love your blog but it isn't the typical fashion content, that's for sure. Don't feel bad, I got rejected from a fashion blog network too!

Asudem Latex said...

oh i'm ok with the rejection. i was pretty well expecting it.

it was really a test to see what the straighter yet still 'fringe' fashion bloggers would make of it.