Monday, October 06, 2008

a Model Says No...

to Silver Leggings...

wonder how she feels about the glossy black ones?



Anonymous said...

Oh no....

Now we have the Fear Police showing up, insisting that models not wear the Dreaded Tight and Shiny (tm). [*rolls eyes*] Gawd.

I just wish people would *tell me* the night before, you know, so I don't have to worry about waking up in a Police State the next day where everyone does the "tsk, tsk" thing whenever I breathe.

Bleh. Pardon my annoyance. I just find it annoying and hypocritical that a modeling agency that trains women to "wear what they're told to" now finds a need to have a "just say no to anything a Fundie would hate" program. O_O

Not to mention...the updated blog seems to be snap-shotting my browser when I make Comments. WTF?

Just asking,

--Bradley (who thinks he might need a Lucha Libre mask and a Secret Identity now...*lol, tongue in cheek*)

Agithe said...

I agree with the Leggings not being trousers, or shorts so short that a loose shirt can cover them over then leggings not really count.

So if they do want to wear them then they shouldn't complain then guys look at them.

I don't have a problem with girls look at me when I wear my kilt, if I had I wouldn't wear it, but I could do with out the guys hitting on me (a guy), but I take it as a compliment that they do.

Anonymous said...

Yes, leggings are not pants. They are a type of panty hose. I do not really agree with her views on lighter colors. To me that is the same as saying not to wear white panty hose.

And she is right, they do show everything and to wear just leggings with a shirt is slutty and no different then putting on panty hose and a shirt and then going outside into public. But, it seems to be the new trend with young teenage girls and even some in their 20s. But, I do not see where it will catch on. Just like guys wearing their pants low so, that their underwear shows never caught on.

But, that is just my opinion.


blackice said...

Well there's a crap load of leggings in brighton worn in a variety of ways.

As the the guys wearing the jeans so slow you can see their underwear - yes its still in vogue here in the UK with the under 30's or as a night life fashion choice.