Saturday, October 18, 2008

Macy's sell them

well i finally caved in and bit the bullet when i discovered that not only does Macy's sell them here at a reasonable price. they're also on sale!

so breaking them in today with a skirt worn on top.

out of the packaging they were very stiff and sticking to themselves. very stiff putting on though loosing up now that i've been in them for an hr. noting at all like latex, or tights or even lycra based leggings.

i'll report back after a few wears but at discounted $19.53 they're are definitely worth getting just so you can wear them now and then.



Roen said...

Hope to hear back from you on them. I'm really curious as to what they are like and if they really are worth it.

Asudem Latex said...

i borrowed a friends digital camera so wi'll try and get a comparison shot of my Libidex latex tights and these side by side.


Anonymous said...

I think it's sad though that of the three ratings on the Macy's product page, none of them appear to have actually bought (and can describe the quality of) the product.
Is it me or do the ones with a poly/spandex blend backing not seem as durable and impressive looking as ones with nylon/spandex?
The ones sells have the nylon/spandex and have been very durable.
I've bought more PVC items than I could ever admit to, it seems the durability to impressiveness factors are inversely proportional. The thicker and shinier it is the faster it delaminates.
Curiously I just got these on ebay, she listed them as "probably" latex: (search this item, should come right up)
Aside from the mentioned dark marks, this is an incredible form of PVC this manufacturer was using. (seller is awesome, BTW)
I can see why she called it latex as it's thick and super stretchy, which isn't typical.

Anonymous said...

here are links to that show where kim wears A A latex looking fuschia lame leggings in episode 2, nice

: )

Anonymous said...

rapidshare are stolen pics and videos. I would be ashamed to use it. People work hard and the work is copyrighted so to steal or view their artistic rights is just wrong.