Saturday, October 18, 2008

never leave the virtual world

i had an offer, well more of a demand sent to me last year. someone wanted to keep me as their doll, keep me housebound and only let me interact with the world through second life. well all the 'demanding' didn't go down to well and the posturing of the guy was just so off i never replied.

the idea of being trapped in a doll case and only interacting through Second Life is a curious one and has if nothing else certain resonances with the film The Matrix.

i was somewhat surprised when i was sent two links. the first is what looks to be a mock up of a possible immersive system you walk into from i-cocoon

seems to be very much developed for arcades and Disneylands of the world. how long before something like this gets to made and then variations for the home? who knows.

the other link i've totally misplaced so if you were the one who sent it in, please resend. essentially it was a video camera / facial mapping system in real time. so instead of your webcam image, it would be your fully photo realistic avatar communicating on screen wether its video or Second Life.

now back to the offer.

i guess its down to the approach and the intent. most people don't understand that. being spanked as one example is humiliating, painful and abusive. if done in the right situation and with the right person then its something totally different. something thrilling and erotic. the guy who sent me that demand really doesn't get it.



K-8 (conscious_object) said...

I occasionally get messages like that as well, where instead of taking the time to get to know you and your interests, they just make all sorts of assumptions. Such as, that if they speak to me in a commanding tone, I'll go all submissive and obedient...when that just isn't me.

Kacie said...

It would depend on the person but, I would want to set some boundaries and there a lot out there that will not agree to any boundaries.

I do not get those offers much and when I do they only send one to two emails and that is it. If the person was willing to give me what I wanted, I would consider being their doll and being in a doll cabinet and all.

I have been messing with the dream of being turned into the perfect large breasted female rubber doll for so, long that I am to the point that I will do most anything just to have it happen for real. But, I would want them to hear what I would like out of it as far as my image and then we can go from there.

The ones who come on ordering me right off the bat is a big turn off since we have not really agreed that I will be their property. Once we agree to that and have a signed contract in place then I will be happy to jump when they order me to do so.


Anonymous said...

so there's people who are fun, loving, caring, respectful, and generally good to you and good to be around: evething you'd want in a partner.

then there's people who are into turning you into an object/being your object.

the problem is finding people who are both.

forget about the difficulties introduced when your only contact is online. but without that online community, how do you ever meet such people? (speaking from experience, as someone who spent much of his youth in the pre-internet world, and who, back then, felt very much weird and alone because of these desires)

no real point here other than to sympathize with how difficult it feels sometimes.


Kacie said...

I for one do not care about them being both. But, to start off at bossing someone around before you both have agreed for you to become their property is a little over board. I mean once I am there property and a doll then that is a different story because, then I really would be property for ever.


Anonymous said...

maybe it was this you were after?

other sl developments include

please keep us posted if you happen across other VR immersive gadgetry.
PYE for one is most intersted.


Mundus said...

Unfortunately the BDSM and fetish communities attract a number of people who simply don't 'get it'. They come in to the community thinking that 'owning' a submissive is an asy way to have a relationship as they tend to be people who have had issues with relationships in the past.

Whether you are submisive or dominant in a relationship, the basic rules of a normal relationship still exist so I'm not surprised that you're left cold by contact fron these people. I used to feel very uncomfortable when I went out with a friend who's partner used to insist on kneeling and being submissive around me, even in public!

Its a pitty that the spam filters can't catch emails from these people but the best thing is to ingore them; they tend to learn in time.