Tuesday, October 28, 2008

so it is possible to wear a mannequin

thanks to stickysweetie for these amazing finds on youtube which i've never seen before.

now besides being the perfect size, i wonder how it all could be improved upon. maybe a zentai base its sewn or glued onto?



thrall said...

Oh, wow, that third clip is beyond drool-worthy. Such a lovely MC vibe, and the music is just perfect. I hope you won't mind if I post it on my blog, too - with proper attribution, of course. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's possible and look silly doing it!. The torso plate was kinda cool but the rest was ick.

Anonymous said...

Nice attempt, even if it looks awkward. ^__^ Straight rigid plastic is *not* the easiest stuff to just cut up and lace up (not unless you want raw edges to mess up your skin, duh).

For future reference:

--The flagrant lacing is the most awkward and necessary element. If there was a way to make it less noticeable it would help. Having the laces *match* the plastic pieces might help, especially in the scenes where the footage was dark.

--If it's at all possible to get a pink PVC or Latex set of leotards and leggings on the wearer *under* the plastic, again, same color, it might help smooth out the edges where things aren't completely covered up. A full bodysuit might be a bit much though as that might make things too difficult.

--And for the wearer's comfort....use two sets of laces, set up as "Runner's Laces". Basically, they have it on the upper-arm pieces, setting the laces up like:

| |
| |
| |

Where the "X" bits, or the crossovers, happen *outside* the suit, and the "|" bits happen inside where the laces touch skin. Less likely to irritate the wearer (if not people watching the wearer), or create pressure points.

Catch is, you'd need to have two sets of laces to get the same amount of pull-in (those cross-lacings).

But yes, it's a worthy attempt even if it looks awkward. Prototype Girls usually do. ^__^

(that is the thing though...balancing the comfort of the wearer versus the appearance of a smooth mannequin body. Something has to give, and making the wearer bleed is a no-no, right?)

Just my two cents,

Bradley Poe (trying to be helpful, constructive here, not critical, sorry)

Anonymous said...

From what I understand it was not even remotely comfortable to wear. The inside of the mannequins is extremely rough and bumpy, causing chafing and leaving marks all over the body.

It's probably a better idea to build a suit from scratch, it would be more comfortable and fit much better.

blackice said...


I shot a woman twice at Torture Garden that had a wearable incredibly hard torso. She had it on all night on both occasions. I think it was posted in an earlier entry?

So should be possible to have something similar made with more wearability if no flexibility.


jeandoll said...

You could so alot better with some work, but videoas are quite interesting. legas and arms especially could need lot of work or planning.

Morticia Latex said...

It would be nicer if it were better fitted and more immobilizing. I'm thinking of a cross between Thierry Mugler's famous (and Sorayama inspired) "gynoid" costume and artist Jonathan Schipper's "Invisible Jet" body-encasement sculpture.

I dream of such things. Oh, and Gord (of House Of Gord) made a form-fitting rigid fiberglass cocoon for his first wife, but I think he said it was destroyed in a fire.