Sunday, October 19, 2008

up to issue 21 now

i really don't know how i totally missed - Drake's Statue Fetish Gallery yahoo Group and its amazing collection of Medusariffic digital magazine which he produces by himself with a 3D modeling package. 

now that i've found it, i was further surprised that not only had i missed it, and no one told me about it but its also now up to 21 issues!! what a find! actually it was 20 issues and the lag between me writing this up and posting it another issue is published.

they comic books with ASFR / Mannequin and / Statues as themes with a regular cast of characters. they can also be found at the new Medusariffic website.

here's one page each of my favorite stories so far.

notice the curious spin on Scooby Doo ....

i've just submitted to Drake my story New Years Resolution about a woman who decides to walk to work for her health, spots a pair of gorgeous shoes in an old department stores window and then...

i'm crossing my fingers that he likes my story enough to make it into a comic.

please please if there is anyone making creating original work, do support them by sending them praise and thanks. as other bloggers know, its a very lonely without any or very little feedback.

one thing that got me thinking and i had this idea just after i entered Second Life - which is this - rather than using expensive and complex (i'd imagine) software to make comics like Drake has done, and a brilliant job doing i'll add. wouldn't it be possible to do something similar inworld by just taking a well conceived sequence of photo's?



sylvrgirl said...

Yes, the style of storytelling you are thinking of is called fumatti.

If you ever visit San Francisco, of I'm in NYC I would be honored to shoot it for you.

Marlene said...

Adusem, My avatar is the blonde in the second page you posted.

Second, are you going to finish the story New Year's Resolution?

Anonymous said...

seen some sl comics..

its still takes a good designer to make good ones ,and good sl shots.

just like real life , every one has a camera but few people know how to use them.
good find on the statue comic thing ..will pass that on to interested dolls
cheers -pye

Anonymous said...

I'll keep this short, and skip the ungentlemanly details:

Wow. ^__^ Thank you kindly, Asudem, for posting these pics, and mad props go out to the original artist. Anyone can "make a render" but making a GOOD one is another story. Too many of these sorts of pics look dodgy up close.

But frankly, the "shiny doll" ones are some of the best renders I have seen in ages, IMHO.

Just saying,

--Bradley Poe

P.S. Hey, as long as we have some damned idiot *troll* marking us as pariahs/adult content here, we may as well *give Sandero* something to piss and moan about, in terms of actual adult content, right? So yeah, bring the hot pics! *lolz*

Yeah, I said it. Kindly deal with it please. I know it was you that screwed us over.

Luke said...

If you like dolls have a look at

JosieChung said...

For anyone interested, there is a new morph available for creating mannequin-inspired 3d images. It does require Daz3D's Victoria 4 character (free) and either Daz Studio (free) or Poser ($).

I haven't tried it yet (can't spare the $9.50 while being unemployed), but RDNA makes solid morphs.