Sunday, October 19, 2008

melissa does make boots

these were found on ebay in france would yo believe. i didn't even know they made boots.

i'm still eyeing them and deciding wether the euro/dollar exchange rate is worth the risk and costs. still they're not 5"s i'm keeping myself too. so that should count them out immediately.

then i found these Gucci boots at about half price from the 1,295$ original list price. i'm not a label whore so i don't care if they are Gucci or even GAP. they do look totally yummy and would be i'm imagining what the Melissa's be like if they made full length boots.

i'll keep my fingers crossed. maybe i need to write someone a letter.



WendyB said...

Those Guccis are beautiful!

Billy said...

I second wendyb.
Where are they available?!
Need a pair for Aurora badly!

Asudem Latex said...

well you can get them here on ebay:

have a look around as there's different sizes too.


nimbus said...

Speaking of ebay - these boots definitely make a statement.

Morticia Latex said...

OMG, what materials are those Melissas made from? I call that look the "kill the spider in the corner boots"!
Are the toes extended, or regular length? Because my feet don't fit well with really pointy toes at the normal length. I have funny shaped feet, hee-hee!