Sunday, October 05, 2008

Miss Bimbo - virtual bimbo training

its an online game aimed at young girls. a form of training or an ironic statement?

from the article:

“The danger is that a nine-year-old girl fails to appreciate the irony and sees the bimbo as a cool role model. Then the game becomes a hazard and a menace.”

Mr Jacquart claims the game teaches children about the real world and is simply harmless fun.

He said: “The game is structured in such a way that it simply mirrors real life in a tongue-in-cheek way. It is not a bad influence for young children. They learn to take care of their bimbos. The missions and goals for the bimbos are morally sound and teach children about the real world.

“If they eat too much chocolate in the game, it is bad for their bimbos’ bodies and their happiness levels compared to if they eat fruit and vegetables, which reinforces positive healthy eating messages.

“The breast operations are just one part of the game and we are not encouraging young girls to have them.”

Mr Evans admitted that the story in the script had been created by “lads” and no professional advice was sought about how girls may interpret issues surrounding weight loss and gain.

Nick Williams, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, said that he was appalled when he saw his daughters Katie, 9, and Sarah, 14, on the site pondering whether to buy their character breast operations and facelifts.

Mr Williams, 42, said: “I noticed them looking at possible breast operations and facelifts at the game’s plastic surgery clinic.

“It is irresponsible of the site’s creators to be leading young girls astray. They are easily influenced at that age as to what is cool and these are not things they should be encouraged to aspire to before they are old enough to be making up their own minds.”

the full story is The Times and you can decide for yourself by at Miss Bimbo.


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