Sunday, October 12, 2008

the full movie online

thanks to pye for the find.

its a korean horror film called DollMaster. and you can pretty well guess the plot. as it seems to be an embedded Google video player i'm going to guess it can also be found directly on google video and also possibly downloadable.

not stopping there, it seems Hollywood is in the process of remaking it for an American audience according to the news site here. although dated 2006 its not been released yet so i didn't miss it as previously thought.

i wonder if they dolls will be Barbies or Bratz? or will they stick to the Asian styled one?

on a related tip, here's curious post that outs a few people and gives them a way to cover their interest here.



WinterRoseASFR said...

Well I don't know if I like this or not. Like the doller communities needed yet another movie that portrays them as creepified and perverse in a horrifying way. I can hear the collective slap of several thousand facepalms as this gets made into a US version. We already got enough flak when Yuki Makise lended talent to the production of 'The Cell.'

Anonymous said...

True, true...

Not to mention, we get folks looking at us from outside, like the trolling person who got Doll's Realm marked as an "adult site", thereby marking all of us as pariahs, and this just makes it all the harder for those of us who *are NOT* creepified and porn-perverse to try to even *ask for* some degree of acceptance or understanding.

Whole thing pisses me off some days.

Especially the trolling individual bit. We all know who it is, the elephant in this living room has a name, folks. We know he got this blog marked just to attack poor Asudem, but nooo....none of us can kick this bastard in the teeth hard enough to shut him up.

Sorry to digress though. It is sad that the only publicity we can get is bad publicity. It's sadder still when folks claim to be a part of the community out of one side of their face, and then betray us out of the other and *blame us* for being "pervy". We are already *too small* as an online community to need back-stabbers and haters, you know?

Just can hate me now,

--Bradley Poe