Monday, October 06, 2008

more blog features?

anyone out there with more experience on how to do html and blogging, can you drop me a note and give me a hand? even any photoshoppers who like to do logo design etc.

i've 'upgraded' the blogger template which now allows for really easy insertion of additional features. this is what was holding me back as before adding new features required editing actual html code into the core of my blog - frankly terrifying for me.

now that i've done this step i was i finally have the

Image Hosted by

animated Gif as hosted by put where it needed to be.

so i'm slowly getting the hang of it all now.

i would love to hear some feedback on features that can be added to blog that you've liked on other blogs so i can pimp up my blog further before its total redesign.



Robbyboy said...

Hey, I read you are looking for an HTML editor of something. Well, I can do quite a bit in HTML and other website languages, so if I can help, just mail me

Robbyboy said...

BTW, you can find my e-mailaddress on my blogger profile ;)

Asudem Latex said...