Saturday, October 04, 2008

the rubber sisters lead the way

with both masking make-up, photo website and mask design. they truly have been evolving into real rubber dolls at an incredible pace - from the simple Kerry Masks to their new custom made silicon one which is now featured on their website.

they certainly do know what they're doing and their push for the perfect doll look is very inspiring for those that like female masks. if we were to ever to meet i'd definitely volunteer for a photo shoot as a doll with them (hints hints).

for me i'm very much in two minds about the mask idea.

i love the HW Hood with the clear face. i must start getting more used to wearing it rather than just occasionally. the Natori range of silicon masks are stunning in detail and production though from the reports i hear they are very heavy and you can barely look out of them.

personally what i'd really want if i were ever to get one is a mask that was either more beautiful than my own pretty self like some of the mannequins on 5th avenue (my mannequin fetish coming through here) or so totally artificial and exactly like a barbie there's no doubt i would be nothing more than an animated toy. the masks used in the BC Lotto Commercial would be ideal. now if either of those had teeny recessed locks to keep it being worn.... so much the better.


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