Sunday, October 05, 2008

early morning latex...

if you were in the UK and watching early morning TV you'd catch a glimpse on GMTV of the Pussycat Dolls doing one of their songs. (images all clickable)

now i'm not a morning person so my heads barely working at that point till i've had my proper stove top espresso. even then it takes awhile to kick in.

so i wonder what effect seeing the Pussy Cat Dolls dancing around in latex catsuits and latex like leggings at a way to early 7:45 am? will the semi conscious state allow for better selling of goods, be they detergent, political messages or even latex? i do wonder...

maybe one of those HypnoDommes or HypnoMasters can share what they know.

here's a video of the song:

and you can down load a full high res video if you want to see all the close up details of their tight and shininess.

thanks to Dams in SL (who is in France) for pointing me to the Kinky Gerlinky Forums for the video. just enter Pussy Cat Dolls in the search and bingo - 2 pages full of images and videos.


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Anonymous said...

Regarding "pre-awake entrancements":

Most folks will tell you that this isn't quite ethical hypnosis. That using sleep deprivation is on a par with trying to hypnotize someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs--it's a pandora's box and a psychiatric train wreck waiting to happen.

After all, if the ad industry uses this to pimp sugary cereals to children, it simply *must* be a monstrous sort of plot, right?

[ends massive sarcasm there, previous paragraph]

Having said all that...the sad truth is, this stuff is a crime under international law for a reason:

It works. Sort of. With some people, they truly only relax enough to go under when they are exhausted and dead-tired. There have been rare and isolated occasions where I myself have only been able to get more done with a few folks (very few) because of sleep deprivation and a bit of drunkenness on the subject's part.

It's like the use of certain immersives like masks, corsets, heels and restrictive clothes: it aids in the suspension of disbelief. It makes what is actually *really unbelievable* trance content more plausible to some skeptical (subconscious) minds.

But....there is a catch. That catch, as with all hypnosis, is with consent, or emotional buy-in.

Simply put, lack of sleep is one of those things that pre-emptively softens hard limits. It makes folks less prone to being dead-set against things. The problem: previously softened hard limits can re-solidify and become *harder* than previously.

People can feel put upon and taken advantage of, in plain English. This makes abreactions *MUCH* more likely than usual. And the ones that occur will be much more likely to be anger/terror abreactions, or unpleasant ones, since a subject can (Rightfully) feel forced or *Violated* by the situation.

But if you are cold-hearted and cruel enough to take that can make some otherwise difficult things stick really well. This sort of thing *can and does* break through the typical Body-Part Mismatch, for example, that male subjects feel when being dollified into a female doll.

Just be advised this is *very* high risk, *very* likely to make a mess, and well....depending on where you are and how close you are to your subject, it can result in *Nasty* real-life consequences too. Forced sleep deprivation is an act of *Torture* folks, and as such is usually considered a *Felony*.

Just saying,

--Bradley Poe (who has on occasion used hypnosis on subjects who were sleep-deprived, though he didn't find this out a lot of the time until *well* after the fact...some subjects will go for it when they clearly should not, due to internet time zone differences)