Saturday, November 15, 2008

balloon room

i remember when i was really young, like just 10 or 12, i was totally fascinated by balloons.

i even managed to get a foot into one and was enthralled how my skin was no longer skin - but latex. it stayed with me and must of imprinted in me somehow.

well you all know where i am in relationship to latex - i have far more than my foot in it ;-)

another fantasy that arose at the same time as it was pretty well impossible to wear deflated balloons for more than a few minutes is to be sucked into a balloon and made into a living balloon.

here's a viral video that won an award and i'd imagine what the prelude to the transformation into balloon girl could well be like.

download the mov here.


1 comment:

FetishTom said...

Nice video. There are a fair number of stories out there of the same theme you mention on the balloon/body inflation fetish sites.