Saturday, November 15, 2008

kinkbox starts to get it right

one of the bitch sessions i've been sharing in second life and on yahoo with other latex wearers is the lack of fashion oriented clothes.

i'll admit all the basics are there. just nothing really up to date and current in latex.

so for example; flip through a fashion magazine or even the fashion supplement sections in your newspaper and tell me if you can find anything current style wise somewhere online in latex. ebay's even worse as all that's there are catsuit leggings.

one new site thats taken a fresh and modern look at fetish clothes is Kink Box simply judging from the layout and well photographed imagery on the site. the range is a bit more diverse though not as wide ranging as any modern clothes catalog by any stretch but its a good start.


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Anonymous said...

Wow. The longer I look at the Kinkbox thing, the more I like what I see...

Latex in colors, yet still sleek and shiny as always. Oh, and the perfectly rounded, floating breasts help too. ^___^

Granted, this isn't exactly stuff you'd wear *clubbing* but this does look a *lot* like the Next Big Lingerie look.

And why not? ^_^

--Bradley Poe