Thursday, November 20, 2008

model worn....

for those of you who don't own any latex yourselves and want to start of with something cheaply then i do recommend ebay as a good place to find deals for several reasons.

first its an international marketplace with a much broader range of designers than lets say your local sex shop that only has molded latex items in a place you really don't want to go into into. search locally and also in as well as the german site. with the dollar strong again, its worth looking even if the shipping is a bit more along with the time to get to you.

then there's the interaction; you can email the seller for more photos and specific measurements. Small / Medium / Large can be somewhat vague as we all know. 

the price - obviously as the items can be either new or used. some start up designers will begin on ebay so you get personalised service and a seller who wants your business rather than a chain of sex shops which just has some latex in a corner with no real knowledge of it. 

now for buying used latex - there is a trick - if you wash the latex with a teaspoon or so of normal liquid detergent in a front loading washing machine (tumble ones) at the wool setting and not too hot you can deep clean the latex to such a degree that the latex is so clean it will stick too itself when it dries. saying that i'd only go for items that looked in good to very good condition. any signs of the latex going soft then its a no go.

Xu Xu sent me in a link of the other reason to buy off ebay which is various fetish models periodically have a clear out and if your lucky enough to be close to their size then its a major scoop. in this case it was Rubber Eva has an ebay store here. the coat above is simply gorgeous and there's other items ending soon too.

another link sent in was from regular contributor and photographer Black Ice who is having a clear out of camera gear and latex items used in shoots here. listings includes several molded chlorinated molded items - worth getting if you have not tried chlorinated latex before as its totally talcless!!  sadly still no word on my freebie pair of latex leggings as his shoot has been pushed back until the model returns from south america. 


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If anyones interested, I've just put a bunch more items on ebay. There's a great pair of PVC jeans as well as various boots and shoes.