Sunday, November 09, 2008

show room dummies

as suggested by contributor pye who is going to see the band Krafwerk when they play in Australia sometime soon. i've never heard the song so it was a nice find.

when looking up the song and video i discovered that duran duran covered it and also dressed like Krafwerk.

now i maybe totally reading between the lines here - a wild stab in the dark - but they also did the song and super kinky video "Electric Barbarella". am i stretching to wonder out loud that some of Duran Duran are ASFR / Doll fetishists?

he's married to a model after all who i did have a mannequin based on her.... wonder if he has it too?

one industry insider said: "pop artists like that would have alot of secrets; best drugs and the most expensive kinks"

anyone care to prove it one way or another? simon are you reading this blog ;-)


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