Sunday, November 16, 2008

jw asked....

"Hello love the blog I'm looking for the black rubber boots in this attached image I can't seem to find anything with a nice thin sole like ones pictured any help at all would be great thank you so much "

well they are just plain rubber or pvc like molded riding boots. guess we don't really see them here as there's more cowboy boots around (and those imho were never ever sexy).

here's several on ebay here and there's way more in but the shipping will be prohibitively high as they do weigh a lot.

the best way to get them on and off is to put plastic shopping bags on your feet and then they will slide on easily. getting them off is always somewhat involved.

they're very in at the moment fashion wise but made with a higher block heel in mock leather or real leather version. if you get the rubber ones to wear around all day you'll realise that they are really 'riding' boots and not walking around boots.

oh and use armoural to give them a great shine.



Anonymous said...

Ok, in the attached pic, above...

Is it just me, or does the "subbie" on the left have a bit of a Moon Boot look going on?

I'm asking because it seems that now, with the coming of winter and cold weather, that the tights/leggings thing is catching on locally with the young women at my end.

But it's only with flat-soled boots, and some of them being the thicker ones with the "fur trim".

Which produces a Moon Boot effect. Cute, but not exactly high heels, you know? ^__^

Just asking (because there has to be an alternative for these local ladies at my end, besides the Moon Boot look),

--Bradley Poe

blackice said...


I noticed that Benetton is doing molded riding style boots out a pvc like material in a range of colours. Actually I saw them in Rome 2 years ago and they've just started to sell them in the UK.

These are probably easier to walk compared to actual riding boots.